Our Story

“ I have taken more good from alcohol than alcohol has taken from me"
― Winston Churchill

Born out of our love of hospitality and with over 20 years of experience the idea of K Craft was formed.  Our focus was on creating an adult space that you would feel welcome and comfortable in either casually sipping a beer after a walk or as your first or last cocktail on a special evening out. We have created a space that we feel is comfortable and the perfect spot to gather with friends and enjoy some awesome Craft Beer and Wine. In other words we created a spot that we wanna hang out in! The vibe is chill, the selection is expansive and growing weekly.  We offer wine tastings, private parties and show all televised Carolina Panther and Michigan State Spartan Games


Featuring local craft beer as well as other well-known and upcoming rock stars in the suds scene , we offer crazy great wine at all price points. Craving something specific......don't hesitate to ask if we can source it for you.


Come and relax. Enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends or colleagues. and experience the chillest place in Mooresville.